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    p_acq_16 not limiting properly for Budget Status of ACTIVE when using Hierarchy

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    The p-acq 16 "Budget Summary" report is not generating accurate data.

    We ran a report for our fund "Fund 79844-2008". (In the Task Manager the name is mla-79844.) We specified that we only wanted "active" funds, however, the report is displaying all funds, both active and in-active.

    I checked the acquisitions module, administration tab, budgets option, and searched for "active" budgets. These funds do not display. When you search for "inactive" budgets, then these funds display.

    Verified user specified ACTIVE only. These are the parameters used as found in execution log:

    setenv p_active_library "NWQ50"
    setenv p_report_name "mla-79844"
    setenv p_budget_type ""
    setenv p_budget_number "FUND 79844-2008"
    setenv p_annual_budget_year ""
    setenv p_budget_department ""
    setenv p_budget_group ""
    setenv p_budget_status "AC"
    setenv p_filler_1 ""
    setenv p_filler_2 ""
    setenv p_sub_library ""
    setenv p_filler_3 ""
    setenv p_form_no "02"
    setenv p_balance_hierarchy "Y"
    setenv p_expand_hierarchy "Y"

    I looked at the output file in the Browse XML format and see there are funds with a z76-status of NON-ACTIVE showing up on the report.

    Development responded: "when using the Expand Budgets in Hierarchy and Balance by Hierarchy options the filters are not functional because the action of filtering would cause a non-accurate report."

    I suppose my view is rather simplistic, but I think of the current fiscal year budgets as being active and previous fiscal years as non-active. Thus, all of the child budgets for a parent in the current fiscal year would be active and all of those for a parent for a previous fiscal year would be inactive.

    Why is it that an active parent budget has an inactive child budget? I guess these budgets are not annual budgets?

    [From site:]

    The user that reported this problem *did* have issues with setting up her annual budgets. They are in process of migrating and did not report any problems with this year's rollover. I am going to close ticket and if they report further problems, I will follow up at that time.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013