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    p_cash_10 doesn't work correctly with Credits for lost loans

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    Most university libraries export their cash transactions to a bursar, they don't handle them in-house.
    Creating credit memos is only "another method of waiving" if you're doing everything inside of Aleph.
    The Cash-10 extract program does not look at credits, only debits, and Cash-10 was the program we were told to look at as a starting point for our bursar extract.
    Cash-9 does export credits, but as was pointed out on one of the listservs, it seems to be formatted for the needs of one particular customer.

    User A owes 100.
    He has one item on loan. After "lost" the loan, the user owes 175.
    Return the lost loan, and the user owes 100.
    Next step is to run p_cash_10, non-update is fine, only on today (since all these transactions were done today).
    The Help says correctly that this service works only on Debit cash transactions.
    This makes the report indicate that the user owes 175, while actually the user owes only 100.

    Nothing will change with regard to cash_10 handling of transactions.

    What changes in version 18 is that when lost items are returned there's an option (" LOST-LOAN-CREDIT-METHOD") to not have the refund be created as a credit, but rather really waive the fine. Thus, when cash_10 will export only the DEBIT transactions, it will export the correct amount.

    If libraries will continue to use the current flow, they can not expect that cash_10 will do what they want. This service does not export a balance. It exports debits.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013