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    p_cir_23, with no sublibrary specified, deleted patrons it shouldn't have

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    We appear to have had one of our sites running p_cir_23 this afternoon and they ran it at 4:01 today with no sublibrary or home library specified, which seems to have wiped out some of our patron database. Here are the cir-23 parameters used for this particular run:

    Fixed param: QRS50,qr-deleted-patrons-kb,qr-not-deleted-patrons-kb,I,,I,,,,,,,20100831,Y,Y,N,Y,Y,Y,Y,N,
    setenv p_active_library "QRS50"
    setenv p_output_delete_file "qr-deleted-patrons-kb"
    setenv p_output_reject_file "qr-not-deleted-patrons-kb"
    setenv p_file_barcode_id "I"
    setenv p_input_file_name ""
    setenv p_range_barcode_id "I"
    setenv p_start_number ""
    setenv p_end_number ""
    setenv p_sub_library ""
    setenv p_home_library ""
    setenv p_bor_status_filter ""
    setenv p_bor_type_filter ""
    setenv p_expiry_date "20100831"
    setenv p_update_database "Y"
    setenv p_sw_override_fines "Y"
    setenv p_sw_override_loans "N"
    setenv p_sw_override_holds "Y"
    setenv p_sw_override_bk "Y"
    setenv p_sw_override_r_lead "Y"
    setenv p_sw_override_title "Y"
    setenv p_sw_override_ill "N"
    2nd param (target and user name): ,ENG,,QRSSUPER
    3rd param (log file name): /exlibris/aleph/u20_1/alephe/scratch/qrs50_p_cir_23.00468

    We know we can run patron loads to recover some of the patrons, but a few of our sites manually enter patron records. Is there a sequence of restoration we could follow to fix this (knowing that we would lose some data past the point of restoration tomorrow morning)? The way the parameters were set, patrons with fines were wiped out, too.

    The site restored from a full backup from Sunday night and incremental backups, up through Wednesday night -- losing Thursday's transactions. (Including those transactions would have given them the unwanted p_cir_23 updates.)

    We strongly recommend backing up the patron files (z303, z304, z305, z308, z31, z353) before running p_cir_23.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013