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    p_cir_51: overdue notice log **MASTER RECORD**

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    p_cir_51 should have produced an overdue notice for certain items but did not.

    First, check $alephe_scratch to make sure that p_cir_51 ran for the xxx50 library in question.

    Assuming that it did, every item which is past due (that is, whose due date/time is earlier than the day/time that p_cir_51 is run) -- and which falls under the tab32 values and the p_cir_51 submission parameters -- should have a notice produced.

    tab32 is the most common reason for unexpected exclusion. An overdue notice is produced only when the time period specified in tab32 column 5 (or 6, for requested items) for that notice number has passed. Note that the program also considers the "Minimum number of days since last letter" submission parameter. If the number of days which has passed since the last notice is less than either the value in the relevant tab32 line *or* the "Minimum number of days since last letter" value, no notice will be printed.

    <Example:> let's say that a non-requested item is one day overdue and you have the following line in tab32:

    ! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    LAM 04 ## 00 001 001 O 0080

    The above line applies to a first notice ("00" in column 4) and specifies that it should be produced one day after the item becomes overdue ("001" in column 5).

    But if you specify "2" as the "Minimum number of days since last letter" in the p_cir_51 submission, that is greater than "001" and no notice will be produced until the second day.
    <end Example>

    If the item loan has a z36_status of "L" (Lost) or "C" (Claimed Returned), it will not have a notice printed by p_cir_51. (The p_cir_50 service, besides printing overdue notices, will print billing notices for lost and "claimed returned" items.)

    In regard to other p_cir_51 parameters:

    1. For loans with a z36_status of "A" (Active):

    If the "Type of Letter" is "Overdue Items" and the relevant tab32 line for this notice number has "L" in column 7, then no notice will be produced.
    If the Type of Letter is "Bill for Lost Items" and the relevant tab32 line has "O" in column 7, then, similarly, no notice will be produced.

    2. If you are specifying an Input file, are the items in question in it?

    3. If a billing notice is produced before the appropriate number of overdue notices have been produced, see KB 6588.

    4. If notices are not produced for recalled items (or are *only* produced for recalled items), see KB 16384-33729.

    If p_cir_51 doesn't run at all, the lib_batch process may be the problem. If that seems to be the case, you should stop/restart it and reinitialize que_batch, as described in KB 5672.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013