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    p_file_20: "check_z308_duplicate routine failed. Can not ins/upd record."

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    The p_file_20 report file in the xxx50 $data_scratch has this message:

    check_z308_duplicate routine failed. Can not ins/upd record.

    And the $alephe_scratch p_file_20 job log has the error: "Duplicates in Z308 Record nnnnnn"


    These messages occur when the program finds that the Z308-KEY-DATA + Z308-USER-LIBRARY (bytes 3 to 27 of the z308_rec_key) duplicates the Z308-KEY-DATA + Z308-USER-LIBRARY of a different patron's Z308.

    The ./check_record/check_z308_duplicate program, called by b_file_20_chk_edit_record, wants the Z308-KEY-DATA + Z308-USER-LIBRARY to be unique across all ID types (-- unless it's for the same patron/z303_rec_key/z308_id). See KB 16384-41025 for complete description of logic.

    There can be two reasons for this duplication:

    (1) If the z308 is one being generated by the system (always, the type 00 system patron ID and, sometimes, the type 01 barcode), this is due to the xxx50 util g/2 last-bor-id or last-bor-id-1 being set too low. The former needs to be higher than any existing z308 type 00 and the latter needs to be higher than any existing type 01 system-generated patron barcode.

    (2) The ID which the operator is entering in or which in p_file_20 is trying to add is already being used as an ID in a *different* patron's record.

    The $data_scratch/p_file_20_report should be useful: it will show you *which* ID is getting the "Duplicates in Z308 Record nnnnnn" error message .

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013