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    p_file_20: "I/O error : file 'TP_OUT' ... 65 File locked"

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Why did gcfull.plif.08262010 stop with this error (seen in abc50_p_file_20.log_gc):

    I/O error : file 'TP_OUT'
    error code: 9/065 (ANS74), pc=0, call=1, seg=0
    65 File locked

    while the faculty job submitted immediatedly following it ran without a problem?

    [ <Jerry Specht > ]
    [ <Jerry Specht > ]

    When jobs are submitted via the GUI Services -- identifiable by the fact that their $alephe_scratch log names end in digits, such as "abc50_p_file_20.92497" -- they are controlled by the library's batch queue. The batch queue allows only one job to run at a time. But your jobs were submitted from the command line. Command-line-submitted jobs start right as they are submitted.

    The abc50_p_file_20.log_gc got the "File locked" error because at the time it was submitted (Thu Aug 26 23:39) the big abc50_p_file_20 job (started Tue Aug 24 16:22) was still running -- and still had the TP_OUT $data_scratch/p_file_20_report file locked.

    The big abc50_p_file_20 ended on Fri Aug 27 at 00:10, at which time it unlocked the p_file_20_report file.

    When the abc50_p_file_20.log_fac was submitted, on Fri Aug 27 at 00:12, it found the file unlocked and there was no problem.

    You can use util c/1 to check if a job is still running.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013