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    p_file_20: "Error 0203 : A user with the same name and birth date ..."

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 17.01

    p_file_20 gets the error: 'check_z303 routine failed' on the $data_scratch/p_file_20_report and the following in the $alephe_scratch log:

    Error (b_file_20_chk_edit_record) : Errors in Z303. Record No 000032 Number of Errors = 01
    Error 0203 : A user with the same name and birth date is already in the system.

    This message occurs when the ./xxx50/tab100 CHECK-UNIQUE-NAME-BIRTH parameter is set to "Y".

    There are two possible cases:

    1. The incoming patron *should* be matching the existing patron (because they are, in fact, the same person) but has failed to do so because the input USER-REC-MATCH-ID number does not match the existing patron's z308 ID of this type.

    2. The patrons are different people who have the same name with different birthdates but the Z303-BIRTH-DATE has not been populated, so the system thinks they are the same person.

    In the first case, the solution is to correct the USER-REC-MATCH-ID in the incoming PLIF USER-REC segment (so it matches the existing rec).

    In the second case, you may want to temporarily change the tab100 CHECK-UNIQUE-NAME-BIRTH value to "N", but this may also prevent the detection of the case where an actual duplicate, for the same patron (case #1), is attempting to be loaded. A better long-term solution is to supply the USER-REC-BIRTH-DATE in the PLIF so it populates the Z303-BIRTH-DATE and prevents this from happening.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013