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    p_item_05: "report can not be created for more than 5000 items"

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    In version 19 I have had three libraries report that p_item_05 is not picking up all of the possible items when it is run. ABC50 was trying to do a shelf list of their DVD collection and it reported only 6 titles.

    PQR50 was trying to do a shelf list of missing items and had the same results. Fewer titles than should have been reported.

    Has something changed (from v17) so that p_item_05 is not working correctly?

    These runs of p_item_05 are getting the following message:

    b_item_05: The report can not be created for more than 5000 items

    There are 125,000 items for abc50, so it is reading only about 4% of the items before it stops. p_item_05 reads *all* of the items in the call number range. When you specify "A – N", it is reading all of the items with call numbers in this range. When it hits 5,000 it stops.

    p_item_05 works well in the case where the call number range is relatively limited in relation to the total number of items. It does not work well in cases where there are relatively few items in the collection (item status, etc.) being specified and there's a broad call number range.

    You could break it into (roughly 25) call number pieces. Or, you could run p_ret_adm_01 (for collection DVD), setting "Build Batch Report" to "Yes" and Sort Report By to "Call Number". Unlike p_item_05 this report would include all items with the collection DVD.

    The p_item_01, _02, ... series of jobs might be another alternative.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013