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    p_item_05: LC call numbers with decimals not filing correctly

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 17.01

    I have run item-05. The LC call numbers are not filing correctly:

    PQ3940.5 .R68 1992
    PQ3940.5 .S63 1997
    PQ3940 .A82 1995
    PQ3940 .A83 1981

    I would expect the following:

    PQ3940 .A82 1995
    PQ3940 .A83 1981
    PQ3940.5 .R68 1992
    PQ3940.5 .S63 1997

    The correct order is displayed in the GUI when browsing by LC call number.

    The LC ("0") and Dewey ("1") call number lines in the distributed usm50 tab_filing_call_no, such as:

    0 L to_blank &()-[]<>?,./:

    need to have the period (full-stop; decimal) eliminated.

    Without this change,

    PQ3940.5 .R68 1992

    files before:

    PQ3940 .A82 1995

    which it should not.

    The same goes for the Dewey routine ("1").

    In fact, except for the inclusion of the add_call_no_type, the xxx50 tab_filing_call_no entries should be exactly the same as the xxx01 tab_filing for that call number type. (The xxx01 tab_filing is used in the GUI call number Browse.)

    The distributed usm01 tab_filing has these entries:

    !* LC Call Numbers
    22 del_subfield
    22 lc_call_no

    !* Dewey Call Numbers
    23 del_subfield
    23 dewey_call_no

    Thus, the usm50 tab_filing_call_no should have these lines:

    0 L del_subfield
    0 L lc_call_no
    0 L add_call_no_type <optional>

    1 L del_subfield
    1 L dewey_call_no
    1 L add_call_no_type <optional>

    This change to the distributed usm50 tab_filing_call_no has been requested.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013