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    p_manage_01 in holdings

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    I'm trying to create a new word index in our production HOL library ABC60 for the 980 field. It has now failed twice with the message in the p_manage_01_d1.log of "Index failure after load: Z95_ID=UNUSABLE\n".

    I expect that is due to duplicates in the z95 table and z95_ind. I can dedup the Z95_DOC_NUMBER with util a/17/18, but I can't figure out why or where the duplicates are occurring.

    The abc60 p_manage_01 started on Jan. 23 at 21:24:06 and canceled at 22:39.

    We see in this in the nov60 $data_scratch/run_e_01.13202:

    HANDLING DOC NO. - ABC60.003055040 21:24:28
    HANDLING DOC NO. - ABC60.003055041 21:24:28
    HANDLING DOC NO. - ABC60.003055042 21:24:28
    HANDLING DOC NO. - ABC60.003055875 21:26:20
    HANDLING DOC NO. - ABC60.003055876 21:26:21
    HANDLING DOC NO. - ABC60.003055877 21:26:21

    This indicates that the abcv60 ue_01 was running while the p_manage_01 was running.

    The first thing $aleph_proc/p_manage_01 does is to lock the library, which causes the ue processes to be stopped.

    If you unlock the library while p_manage_01 is running, you need to do util w/5 to toggle the ue processes down *before* you unlock the library.

    If you did not unlock the library, then please do the following:

    1. submit p_manage_01

    2. check the abc60 $data_scratch to confirm that ue_01 has been stopped

    If not stopped, contact

    Additional Information


    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013