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    p_manage_18: "Record 000000001 has incorrent 001 field structure"

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    We sent out a test batch of bibliographic records to our vendor, Backstage Library Works. In running p_print-03 we elected to use the fix routine SYS01 to insert the 001 upon export. The incoming records we recieved back from BSLW have a 9 digit system record number. We checked a few to make sure they match records in the database.

    We followed the instructions in the document "How to Export BIB records for Processing" for the bib import section. When we attempted to run p_manage_18 we specified SYSIN for the fix routine. The overlay does not seem to be working. We are getting an error message from the fix_doc_001_sysno_inv that says:

    Record 000000001 has incorrent 001 field structure

    The abc01 tab_fix SYSIN has "fix_doc_001_sysno_inv".

    As described in "How to Export BIB records for Processing", in order to be able to use fix_doc_001_sysno_inv on import, you need to have used "fix_doc_001_sysno" on export (in p_print_03).

    Maybe you used the plain fix_doc_001 instead of fix_doc_001_sysno(?)

    Anyway, p_manage_36 would need to be used to match on the 9-digit bib number in the 001 field. The file of records matched by p_manage_36 could then be loaded by p_manage_18.

    From site: The prefix doesn't work for our vendor, however. It's too many characters. We will set up something in tab_match so we can use p_manage_36.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013