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    p_manage_32 and parallel indexing

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    I created LS's for z00, z103 and z0102 in the indexing library ABC02 to the actual library ABC01 in our Test region. I was able to successfully run the indexing jobs for keywords and headings but when I tried to run p-manage-32 in the ABC02 indexing library the job finished in seconds without processing any records. I used this in the ABC02 library:

    csh -f $aleph_proc/p_manage_32 ABC02,1,ALL,5, > & $alephe_scratch/ABC02_p_manage_32.log &

    The $alephe_scratch/ABC02_p_manage_32.log seems to indicate that it found no records to index. The actual create index logs in the $data_scratch, like create_ora_tables_z0102_id1.log, show this error "ORA-01408: such column list already indexed" which seems to indicate that it used the synonym correctly since it found the indexes already present. Is there some other table I should have created a logical synonym for other than z0102 for p-manage-32 to work correctly?

    [Note: Even when the z0102 is built successfully in the parallel library (as described below), there *seems* to be a problem with the programs recognizing and using this z0102. (The browse gets "No entries found".) As described in KB 16384-20050, the v17-up p_manage_32 is very fast. We suggest running p_manage_32 in the regular library -- not in the parallel library -- after the parallel indexing steps for the Headings have been performed in the parallel library.]

    You could try running p_manage_32 in the parallel library as described below, but we do not recommend this....

    p_manage_32 reads the Z01 for a particular library and builds the z0102 for the bases which have a "Y" in col. 8 of tab_base.eng for that library. In order for the job to work in ABC02, you need to switch the bases with a "Y" in col. 8 from ABC01 to ABC02. (You should leave the ABC01 and ABC01PUB bases as is, but other bases -- definitely any with "Y" in column 8 -- should be temporarily changed to "ABC02".)

    I suggest that when you are ready to run the p_manage_32 you do the following:

    > cp -p tab_base.eng tab_base.eng.original
    > mv tab_base.eng.withjschange tab_base.eng
    > dlib abc02
    > util h/1/10 (to verify that, with the preceding tab_base changes, the bases are now recognized for ABC02)
    Start p_manage_32 for ABC02. After it has been running for two minutes and the $data_scratch/p_manage_32.cycles file is built:
    > mv tab_base.eng.original tab_base.eng

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013