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    p_manage_36 not matching correctly

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    p_manage_36 is not finding existing matches as it should. Our tab_match has:.
    BNA match_doc_uid I-UID.
    and we are sending the "a035" field to the UID index. (a035 is built from 035 subfield a in tab_expand_extract.).
    For instance, we have existing MGU01 doc 002192130 with 035: (OrLoB)X3Y02701. The incoming record (000000001) with this same 035 should have been considered a match by p_manage_36. It was not.

    The diagnostics show this:.
    1. When ./mgu01/tab/tab_match has.
    BNA match_doc_uid I-UID.
    it fails because it's looking for TAG-NAME= a035 and the input record has no tag "a035"..
    2. When ./mgu01/tab/tab_match has.
    BNA match_doc_uid T-035.
    it fails because the INDEX-FILING-TEXT it is constructing.
    doesn't match what is in the Z11 UID index record:.
    filing_text ....orlobx7i55480.
    (I think the case doesn't matter, but I think the fact that the former has a space in the middle which the latter lacks is a problem....).

    To make this work we found that we had to.
    1. Change the ""a035 UID" line in tab11_ind to "035 UID a". (This is true regardless of whether you specify "I-UID" or "T-035" in tab_match.).
    2. Change the compress_blank line in tab_filing to pack_spaces (in order to generate Z11's which retain the space after the "orlob")..
    (It's possible that this second change may not really be required.... The first *definitely* is.)

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013