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    p_manage_37: unable to change OWN fields because they lack $$a subfield code

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    In running p_manage_37, these ABC60 records were not fixed because their OWN fields have no $$a. This is an example:

    FMT L HO
    LDR L ^^^^^nx^^a22^^^^^1n^4500
    008 L 0412032p^^^^8^^^4001aaeng0000000
    LKR L $$aHOL$$lABC01$$b001774037

    I thought that p_manage_21 might be used to add this, but it wants a "Subfield and contents".

    It's true that in order to specify a particular p_match_text ("Subfield and Contents") in p_manage_21, you need to have a $$a subfield code. But I believe we can omit that.

    In a test, I filled in only the p_tag ("Tag"), p_string_replace ("Replace this Text"), and p_string_by ("With this Text") parameters:

    setenv p_active_library "ABC60"
    setenv p_input_file "jerry_test"
    setenv p_output_file "jerry_out"
    setenv p_update "N"
    setenv p_param_file ""
    setenv p_tag "OWN" <----
    setenv p_first_ind ""
    setenv p_second_ind ""
    setenv p_match_text ""
    setenv p_delete_tag "N"
    setenv p_delete_sub_field_1 ""
    setenv p_delete_sub_field_2 ""
    setenv p_delete_sub_field_3 ""
    setenv p_delete_sub_field_4 ""
    setenv p_delete_sub_field_5 ""
    setenv p_new_data ""
    setenv p_string_replace "QRS" <----
    setenv p_string_by "XYZ" <----
    setenv p_new_tag ""
    setenv p_new_first_ind ""
    setenv p_new_second_ind ""

    The p_string_replace and p_string_by do *not* require subfield codes.

    The program accepted these values.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013