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    p_manage_62 (Update Item Records): "file ... does not exist"

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 17.01

    I am trying to edit item records, which I have never done as a group before. I used p_ret_adm_01 to retreive a group of Item records in a file $data_print/NBtake2.printer01, and was able to look at it.

    But, when I run Update Item Records (manage-62), specifying "NBtake2.printer01" as the Input File, I get an error message: "file/exlibris/aleph/aopt/u17_2/alephe/scratc does not exist".

    The Help for p_ret_adm_01 says:

    This service retrieves ADM record numbers and places them in an output file. The output file is a base for other services. For example, it is used as the input file for the Update Item Records (manage-62) service.

    The service also produces a report of retrieved items (batch report).
    The report can be found in the PRINT directory under the same name as the
    output file used earlier.
    Output File

    Enter the name of the file in which you want the information saved.
    The file may be found later in the $alephe_scratch directory.

    <end Help for p_ret_adm_01 excerpt>

    Thus, the p_ret_01_adm job produced two files:



    In running p_manage_62, you need to specify the $alephe_scratch file as the input file.

    *NOTE*: This also required changing the file name to *lowercase* -- see KB 8192-3464.

    Additional Information


    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013