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    p_print_11 URL checking process checks incomplete URL and hangs

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    We are trying to run a p_print_11 service against a file to check URLs. The service seems to running extremely slow for unknown reasons. Doing a tail -f of the file (sys01_p_print_11.06870), shows the service is getting stuck on generating the entire URL. For example, the line will read "Checking:" for several minues, sometimes in excess of 10 minutes and then will finally complete the URL to read "Checking:"

    This service was run successfully a couple times last week on larger files and only required a couple hours.


    In a different support incident it was suggested that we add 'setenv check_url_timeout 30' to our pc_server_defaults file. It appears that this line is what was causing the print_11 job to run for so long; however, after the line was commented out we tried running the print_11 service and it still seemed to be running very slowly, I verified the restart of the pc_servers after every change of pc_server_defaults. While I was working on another issue I had to restart the pc_servers several times and it wasn't till after that that print_11 started running normally again. Maybe it was just a coincidence. Do you have any comments or suggestions about the setenv check_url_timeout 30 line?

    The pc_server_default setenv's affect the pc_server only. It may well be that the cause of the slowness is the same in both cases, but the addition of the check_url_timeout 30 would not have had any effect on p_print_11.

    [The job ran OK in a later run.]

    Please monitor future runs of the job to see if you can detect a pattern as to when this slowness occurs vs. when it does not.

    Note: The other support incident (8192-62372) is still being investigated by Ex Libris staff.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013