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    p_publish_04: z00p tablespace runs out of space

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    When running p_publish_04 to write z00p records for publishing the abc01 records, the z00p tablespace runs out of space.

    util o/14/1 shows the space for each tablespace:

    TS0 7871.13624 375.143573 1304
    TS1 3813.90754 1696.86962 1610
    TS1D 1068.27432 632.722565 270
    TS1X 897.367939 287.095206 346
    TS2D 1054.82944 64.0351756 137
    TS2X 1812.87084 531.229313 364
    TS3D 9941.46101 160.087939 526
    TS3X 5539.04269 16.0087939 346
    TS4D 14343.8793 128.070351 112
    TS4X 12935.1055 1152.63316 32
    TSLOB 32.0175878 16.0087939 3

    Your $usr_library is abc50. The ./abc50/file_list has entries for z00p:

    TAB z00p 4M 1M tslob
    IND z00p_id 100K 100K ts1
    IND z00p_id1 100K 100K ts1
    IND z00p_id2 100K 100K ts1
    IND z00p_id3 100K 100K ts1
    IND z00p_id4 100K 100K ts1

    Though it's true that the tablespace to which z00p is being directed (TSLOB) is near exhaustion (only 32 meg), the real problem is the use of tslob for the z00p to begin with. tslob is a special tablespace; it should *not* be included in the ABCnn file_list's -- nor should the ts1 tablespace.

    I suggest doing the following:

    1. change the entries in the abc50 file_list to this:

    TAB z00p 4M 1M TS4D
    IND z00p_id 100K 100K TS4X
    IND z00p_id1 100K 100K TS4X
    IND z00p_id2 100K 100K TS4X
    IND z00p_id3 100K 100K TS4X
    IND z00p_id4 100K 100K TS4X

    2. "dlib abc50" and: util a/17/1 for z00p

    3. re-run p_publish_04

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013