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    p_publish_06 Publishes Records from All Libraries, Not Just Library It's Run In

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    When running publish-06 against a specific xxx01 library retrieving a range of documents, all libraries with matching system numbers return results as well.

    For example, if running against abc01, libraries pqr01 and xyz01both return results for 000000002 in the publish report. See /tmp/publish/PRIMO-FULL/tar/aleph.PRIMO-FULL.20081120.130419.1.tar.gz as an example.

    This was run to retrieve all records from abc01, but contains items from the other two libraries as well.

    p_publish_06 reads the z00p records for the specified PUBLISH-SET and creates a tar file of the records.

    The $alephe_scratch/abc01_p_publish_06.00091 has "PRIMO-FULL" for the publish set:

    setenv p_publish_set "PRIMO-FULL"

    The UTIL F / 4 records for z00p #000000002 are included at the end of this Resolution. As you can see, all of these records have "PRIMO-FULL" as the Set (because they all have PRIMO-FULL as the Publishing set in the ./xxx01/tab/tab_publish). Therefore, all three of these records are written to the output tar file.

    One solution is to create a separate Publishing Set for each library.

    abc01 tab_publish would have:


    pqr01 tab_publish would have:


    and xyz01 tab_publish would have:


    The updating of tab_publish is described in the "Aleph Publishing Mechanism" document.

    Thus, when p_publish_06 is run for abc01, PRIMO-ABC would be specified as the publishing set and only the abc01 records would be included in the output tar file.

    Alternatively, you could do any or all of the following on the Primo side. (Though sites have found these difficult in practice.):

    1. Have ABC as a selection in the initial Primo search. (This would search the abc01pub base only.)

    2. Have a link which would take the user to , so they would actually be switched to this base within the regular OPAC.

    3. Have ABC as a Holdings selection in the Primo results, so the user could select the ABC location specifically.

    Results from UTIL F / 4 for z00p 000000002:

    Sequence : 002223851
    Set : PRIMO-FULL
    Library : ABC01
    Doc Number : 000000002
    Timestamp : 20081118 2224301
    Status : NEW
    Hash : 8A8541DF134922A02D6F86E567FAAC53
    Storage Type : C

    Sequence : 002240259
    Set : PRIMO-FULL
    Library : PQR01
    Doc Number : 000000002
    Timestamp : 20081118 2304167
    Status : NEW
    Hash : 58A26E6E948303525E9EC992E1AAC643
    Storage Type : C

    Sequence : 004448694
    Set : PRIMO-FULL
    Library : XYZ01
    Doc Number : 000000002
    Timestamp : 20081119 1548294
    Status : NEW
    Hash : A1FE12F0E3E1B340D1BC2006DC86FC46
    Storage Type : C

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013