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    p_ret_01: "To Text must have a value (From Text is filled.)"

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    I tried to do an extract of abc30 records just to test the function of ret_01 in abc30 and I get a message that the

    To Text must have a value (From Text is filled.)

    I have completed the first to and from fields and the message is pointing to a second tag entry that is not filled. The program appears to be out of synch.

    The dates that I was finding were coming from the job_list version of this report that was set up on v17 and still functions.

    Can you tell me which directory pc_b_eng the p-ret-01.xml is being pulled from for ABC30 or any 30 library? If I could figure that out, I could move the new version of the file into that directory. We really need to be able to run this adhoc from the services menu.

    Since there is no $alephe_root/pc_server_defaults.6505 file -- and no "setenv pc_services_directory" line in the

    $alephe_root/pc_server_defaults file --, the GUI Services is looking first for an


    Not finding any, it then looks in the a-tree: /exlibris/aleph/a19_1/aleph/pc_b_eng/p-ret-01.xml.

    KB 4230 is relevant. See KB 4230.

    If you want ABC50 and ABC30 to have a directory for their customized files, then you should create an $alephe_root/pc_server_default.6505 file similar to the other pc_server_default.65nn files, with a line like this:

    setenv pc_services_directory $USER_MOUNT/campus/abc/abc50

    **NOTE**: I see that the $USER_MOUNT/campus/abc/abc50/pc_b_eng directory contains *all* the pc_b_eng files -- rather than just those which have been customized. I strongly recommend against this. The u-tree pc_b_eng directory should contain only the files which you have actually customized. Otherwise, with new files being written by Service Packs to the a-tree ./pc_b_eng, things will get complicated very quickly. Please see the article " Customization of pc_b_eng and error_eng files in version 17-up **MASTER RECORD** " (KB 8192-824) in regard to the a-tree vs. u-tree pc_b_eng.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013