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    p_ret_adm_02 doesn't sort properly by title

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    When we run the p_ret_adm_02 (GRF-02, General Retrieval Form - Missing) and select sort by title, the file that is opened in the Task Manager seems to sorted by doc. number.

    I observe that the last one hundred entries in def-test-04 are in title order (beginning with "ABRAZOS ROTOS" but the first 500+ are not.

    ./abc50/scratch/ret_adm_01_1.sorted is the work file used to produce def-test-04. This file shows the title info as *blank* for the first 500 entries and begins with title info only with these:

    0000011TH HOUR 001500146000010
    0000100 001386512000010
    0001776 001074948000010
    ABRAZOS ROTOS 001687364000010
    ANNIE HALL 000085106000010

    The following grep

    grep '<z13-title-code>245' def-test-4

    shows that these last 100 entries have z13-title-code's like

    <z13-title-code>245 0</z13-title-code>

    while the first 500+ have z13-title-code's like these:


    That is, they have zero or one indicator rather than two.

    It seems that these are mostly (or entirely?) abc30-created items/doc records (no link to an abc01 bib). Maybe it has to do with how the 245 is entered on the form (no blank for 2nd indicator?) or maybe some change can be made to make p_ret_adm_02 accept these(?)

    Jerry is checking this.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013