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    parallel indexing and p_manage_32 confusion

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    I need clarification about running p_manage_32 with parallel indexing.

    In version 18 should I have the z0102 listed as a logical synonym in file_list as stated in the parallel indexing guide, or should it be listed using the TAB and IND codes? Do I need to add my mini bases to tab_base.eng for my parallel library also?

    I tried to run p_manage_32 with the logical synonym first but it created nothing. So looking in Util H-1-10 (z0102 setup) I saw my mini bases weren't there and I added them in to tab_base.eng for sab04, but now it looks like what is pasted below., so I am not trying to run p_manage_32 again until I hear back from you, thanks.

    Library report for SBA04
    Tue Nov 20 11:28:08 PST 2007


    Checking Library type (tab100)
    Demo library for current library is USM01


    Z0102 Setup

    Number of records per base and Z0102 recommended and current setup

    Base | # Docs | Recommended| Current | Conflicts
    SBA04 |FULL BASE | No | No |
    SBA04ST |FULL BASE | No | No |
    SBA04_SER |NEGATIVE BASE| No | Yes | *** Err ***
    SBA04_ARTS |NEGATIVE BASE| No | Yes | *** Err ***
    SBA04_CURR |NEGATIVE BASE| No | Yes | *** Err ***
    SBA04_NEW |NEGATIVE BASE| No | Yes | *** Err ***


    I was able to clear up the errors in util H-1-10 by adding the logical synonyms to my parallel library file_list for z95, z97, z970, z98, z980 and using util A-17-5 to rebuild the synonym list because even though I have not tried keyword indexes in parallel yet, my coworker informs me that those need to be in place in order to generate mini bases. I still would like clarification if z0102 needs to be a logical synonym or not.

    The May 7, 2007, version of the Parallel Indexing document had the following line added:

    * In v17-up, and v16 with new_ue_01, p_manage_32 (which builds the z0102) can also be done in the parallel library.

    It seems that you have run p_manage_32 successfully for sba04 on gemini.

    Since the z0102 has been built in sba04, the entries in the sba04 file_list for the z0102 need to stay exactly as they are:

    TAB z0102 500M 1M TS3D
    IND z0102_id 50M 1M TS3X
    IND z0102_id1 500M 1M TS3X

    In order to make this new (sba04) z0102 active, you need to make the same sort of change in the *sba01* file_list that you will for the z01 and z02:

    TAB z0102 500M 1M TS3D
    IND z0102_id 50M 1M TS3X
    IND z0102_id1 500M 1M TS3X

    LS z0102 SBA04

    But see also: KB 16384-3730.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013