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    tab_filing lines for Union View (90, 91, 92)

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    Since implementation we have not been happy with the Union View aspect of our catalog. Inaccruate merges, weird deduplication, and odd equivalencies plague our webPAC.

    I know we need to tweak our weight tables (tab_cdl_mo_weights & tab_cdl_se_weights), but right now I have a different question:

    The documentation ("How to Set Up and Configure Union View for Your OPAC") specifies the following for tab_filing:
    The second table that needs to be set up is tab_filing. Three filing routines are used by the equivalency building processes, they are: 90, 91 and 92.
    Illustration 23 - tab_filing [data_tab]

    We have no such entries in our tab_filing. Do you think this is causing some of our difficulty? I can imagine that without these in place our deduplication process is not always comparing equally normalized tag data.

    If I add lines to tab_filing, what do I have to do to implement them? Run a service? If so, which one?

    As noted in the Union View doc: "Three filing routines are used by the equivalency building processes, they are: 90, 91 and 92." These need to be present in tab_filing.

    To rerun the equivalency building, you would run p_union_01, followed by p_union_02.

    As noted in "How To Run Index Jobs", p_union_01 is about 1/2 hour, but p_union_02 is much longer:

    v16 site with 3.6 million bibs: 26.0 hours
    v18 site with 3.8 million bibs: 16.0 hours
    v19 site with 5.7 million bibs: 25.5 hours

    Another index used in equivalency building is the Word index "NTL". I see that you *do* have that properly specified (in tab00.eng and tab11_word).

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013