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    tab_z30_sort, column 6

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    It is not clear what we should put in tab_z30_sort.
    Can you clear this matter for us?

    In tab_z30_sort some of the sorting types include sorting according to sub-library (for example, sort method 3 and 4 for issues items and sort method no. 5 for non-issue items).

    If the user chooses a sort method which uses sublibrary, the question is then how to sort the sub-libraries, according to their code name? according to their full name?

    The various sub-library sort methods are defined in tab_sub_lib_sort, located in data_tab of the BIB library.
    In column 6 of tab_z30_sort, we can put the sorting method for sub-libraries taken from the first column of tab_sub_lib_sort.

    That way, different sublibrary sort methods can be defined for this table's sort functions. If no value is defined in column 6, sublibraries will be sorted by their code.

    If column 6 is set to sublibrary name but the code that is inserted there is not found in column 1 of tab_sub_lib_sort, then regular sorting will be used (as defined in tab_z30_sort, so that sublibrary may not be the first part of the sort string) and the sublibrary will be used as code. If the code is found, then the sublibrary string will be the first to sort the list, according to column 2 of tab_sub_lib_sort.

    Additional Information

    tab_z30_sort, tab_sub_lib_sort, sublibrary

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013