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    util a/8 shows 1040 analyzed demo-library tables/indexes

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    I have found that util a/8 ("List Analyzed Tables / Indexes") produces a list of 1,010 tables/indexes. Most of the results scroll off the screen, but you can see a complete list in the
    abc01 (the library in which I did util a/8) $data_scratch/util_a_08_analyzed_tables_indexes.lst. Most of these are ILLSV, MABnn, UNInn, and USM40 tables, but we see that each of the xxx50 z50 tables is also included.

    The z50 table in each ADM is dropped/created by the util_a_12_c job which is executed from the job_list each night. This is a perfectly normal and correct procedure. But the fact that this table (and all these others) have the Oracle Statistics on them is definitely a cause for concern.

    KB 8192-3980 may be helpful. It has the document "Oracle Optimizer Changes for ALEPH" attached to it.

    The libraries whose tables/indexes were appearing in the util a/8 ("List Analyzed Tables / Indexes") were:

    ILLSV indexes
    MABnn (11 libraries)
    UNInn ( 4 libraries)
    USM40 indexes

    I used SQL ("drop table znn") to drop all the tables in the MABnn and UNInn libraries since these libraries are not used by North American sites (and, though found in Oracle, are not in $aleph_libs).

    Since all of the objects appearing in ILLSV and USM40 were indexes, I did util a/17/2 to drop them.

    I find that util a/8 now gives the expected result of "no rows selected".

    Therefore, I have closed this SI. This does not answer the question as to *why* this happened, that is, why these Aleph-demo-library tables and indexes were created with Oracle Statistics, but the immediate, practical problem of their presence has been solved.

    Since other Aleph sites have not experienced this problem, I will wait and see if the problem occurs at some other site -- at which time I will pursue it further with 2nd-line.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013