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    z114 in CJK character sorting; obtaining z114; Web Utilities for maintaining

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    We are doing test loads of CJK records in Aleph and want to test indexing the 880 fields in the "regular" indexes as opposed to special indexes for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (that is, have Latin characters and CJK in same in dex for example AUT (similar to the Demo library).

    In tab_filing we first used the cjk routine but found that we did not have a z114 table in the library where the records were being loaded. Needless to say there was no sorting of the headings in the browse indexes for the CJK heading entries. Commenting out the cjk routine in tab_filing does help achieve sorting (presumably by unicode value? and not pinyin?).

    We are wondering however about the drawbacks to not using z114. Could someone give suggestions to the best setup? How would the z114 be created in the library where we are loading the CJK records?

    Z114 is required for CJK word building and CJK filing. So if you want to index the 880 fields in any library, you need to

    copy ./usm01/tab/z114 to your ./abc01/files/directory as z114.seqaa and run p_file_04 to load it; or
    use the SQL INSERT command to copy the usm01 z114 table to abc01.

    The z113 is typically not required, but can be copied in the same fashion.

    The Web Staff Utilities (http://il-aleph07:8993/S) includes the following:

    1. Word extraction from chinese text
    2. Word addition to chinese dictionary
    3. Word modification in chinese dictionary

    Additional Information

    CJK, index, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, authority, tab_filing, z114

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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