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How to Create Local Electronic Resources

Generally, you would want to have your electronic resource managed by the Community Zone, but at times you may have a need to create local electronic collections and portfolios if a collection or portfolio does not exist in the Community Zone or if you want to maintain local control over your electronic resources. This How To describes the basic steps for creating local electronic resources.

To create local electronic resources:
  1. Select Add Local Electronic Collection from Resources > Create Inventory. The Electronic Collection Editor page appears:


  2. Enter a public name to display in the discovery search results and select Save and Continue. The Electronic Service Editor page appears:

    Electronic service editor - activation tab.jpg

  3. From the Activation tab, set the service activation status to Available.
  4. Select the Portfolios tab and select Load Portfolios. The following page appears:


  5. Select the Excel file with the list of portfolios that you want to load. For more information on the format of this file and examples, see Portfolio Loader.
  6. Select Add Local Portfolios and select Next. A validation report is displayed.

    activation_wizard_ activation_summary.png

  7. Select Load. The list of portfolios is loaded into Alma. You can view a report after the job finishes.


For more information, see Using Portfolio Loader for Adding, Updating or Removing Portfolio Information in Bulk.

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