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    Analytics Evidence AGSA1 - SQL Access to Data (Closed)

    Created By: IGeLU-ELUNA Analytics Working Group
    Created on: 11/20/2018

    More than anything else users want SQL access to their raw data.


    • Institutions own their data and have exclusive rights to access their data and use it as they see fit.
    • Users should be able to export their raw data easily from Alma or Analytics for loading into institutional data warehouses. 
    • Alma Analytics, powered by OBIEE, is a great tool but the star schema greatly limits how the subject areas can be combined. (AGSA 2)
    • The data in Analytics is always at least 24 hours old.
    • All of the data gathered in Alma is not migrated to Alma Analytics so users do not have access to all of their current data.
    • Getting data added to Analytics from Alma is a time consuming process of NERS enhancement voting and Ideas Exchange voting and even then there is no guarantee that the data needed in Analytics will ever be mapped.
    • The full MARC record is an example of this. Users do not have access to the full MARC record in Alma Analytics and they need it fully mapped.
    • Users feel very strongly that they should have SQL access to all of their data in conjunction with Alma or Alma Analytics.

    topic: general
    priority: high
    status: closed

    Ex Libris Response at ELUNA 2018:

    • Ex Libris maintains they will never provide users with SQL Access to their data.
    • To get data out of Alma, users need to use the Alma publishing profiles and the Alma APIs.

    From the IGeLU-ELUNA Analytics Working Group, Analytics Evidence Document

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