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    Analytics Evidence AGSA6 - Field naming consistency needed

    Created By: IGeLU-ELUNA Analytics Working Group
    Created on: 1/10/2019

    Whenever possible the field name used in Alma should be the field name used in Analytics so that users can have a better understanding of the mapping of the data between the two products. For example, in Alma's electronic resources Platform Name is used and in the Analytics e-inventory subject area Interface Name is used instead. This is very confusing for users.

    Priority: High

    Ex Libris Response at ELUNA 2018: Ex Libris is committed to fixing these. They have requested the Analytics WG send specific examples where the field name in Alma is different than the field name in Analytics.

    The Analytics WG welcomes input from Alma Analytics users in getting these resolved. If you notice a field an Alma Analytics that is derived from a field with a different name in Alma please notify us via the Analytics Working Group ListServ

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