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    Analytics Evidence CN1 - Complete Separation of IZ and NZ, But Some E-Resources in IZ and Some in NZ

    Created By: Igelu-Eluna Analytics
    Created on: 3/19/2019

    Some e-resources are in the Institutional Zone (IZ), while others are shared in the Network Zone (NZ) but there is a complete separation of the IZ and NZ in Analytics.

    status: open
    priority: high
    subject area: e-inventory
    resource management; consortia

    Use Case:

    Consortial users have to run reports in both the IZ and NZ instances of analytics to get complete information on electronic inventory, and in some cases (as with unique title lists) then have to dedup between the two.

    This requires the use of software/workflow external to Alma and Analytics to manipulate the reports together and is not efficient.

    The ability to run IZ and NZ inventory list in a single report that distinguishes the type of inventory held at the different levels is important for consortial users.

    From the IGeLU-ELUNA Analytics Working Group, Analytics Evidence Document

    Please send questions or comments to the Analytics Working Group Listserv

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