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    Cheat Sheet - Ask the Expert Advanced Analytics Sessions

    Created By: Ann Kucera
    Created on: 8/22/2018

    Posted to Alma-L by Doris Munson from Eastern Washington University (2018 - AUG)

    Ask the Expert Analytics for Advanced Users

    [ | Documentation for all 3 sessions is here ]

    [ | Analytics for Advanced Users, session 1 ]

    How to create a prompt – Minute 5

    How to create a case-insensitive prompt – Minute 16

    How to change the “no results” message – Minute 26

    Regular expressions – Minute 32

    How to use multiple filters per column – Minute 49

    How to concatenate two or more fields – Minute 54, quick explanation, better coverage in session 2

    [ | Analytics for Advanced Users, session 2 ]

    How to include values chosen in prompts as part of the header – Minute 3, actual instructions start at Minute 6

    Alternative method using a column and “edit formula” -- Minute 14

    How to move a column – Minute 18-19

    How to display the total number of rows – Minute 21

    This is a great tutorial on how to take one column and edit it to do something else, and how to add a narrative

    How to concatenate two or more fields – Minute 32 (Better coverage than in session 1)

    Function > Conversion >Cast as to simplify Creation Date

    How to separate semicolon delimited values into separate columns – Minute 44

    Use regular expression to separate at semicolon

    Example in ppt is for reserves, Yoel shows how to change regEx to use it for ISBNs

    Edit Resource type so that only part after dash appears -- Minute 49

    Uses regular expression

    How to change display default in Analytics Edit mode from Results tab to Criteria tab – Minute 55

    [ | Analytics for Advanced Users, session 3 ]

    Create an itemized set in Alma from Analytics report – Minute 3

    Yoel had technical problems, so go to minute 14 to see how the set is created in Alma

    Minute 17 – can run jobs on created set

    [ |
    ELUNA 2018 presentation ]

    Who can access Analytics objects in Alma – Minute 18

    How to conditionally change the text format in an Analytics report – Minute 24

    Column Properties > Conditional Format

    Can add more than one condition

    How to use the CASE condition to change text in a report– Minute 30

    To group things together for reporting purposes

    Edit Formula > Insert Function > Expressions > CASE switch

    Uses WHEN … THEN… ELSE…

    Can have multiple When/Then statements

    Tip at Minute 40 --- Use FusionFX to run a report, esp. if you have a prompt

    3 subjects done at the same time: How to use the SUBSTRING function to separate part of a field; and separate the date time field into date and time – Minute 44

    Edit Formula > CAST changes to date or time – easiest is to copy from documentation

    Internet search of “Cast as obiee” gives all options

    How to get hour of loan – Minute 52

    Example: Loans at circulation desks by hour for last year

    SUBSTRING at minute 58—example of editing a regEx to use with a different field