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    How to use local control number as unique identifier

    Created By: Obv- alma
    Created on: 8/09/2018

    How to use local control number as "unique identifier"


    Although MMS-ID is the primary identifier in Alma, I want to use a local control number as identifier.


    You can use MARC-21 field 009 with the following configuration:

    Step 1: configuring 009 as local control number
    Configurations --> Resources --> Control Number

    Mandatory Parameters:
    Sequence Name
    Method: Prefix + Sequence
    Prefix: add the prefix that should be added to your sequence
    Next Sequence: enter the next resp. first number the sequence should start
    Padding: number of digits

    Step 2: check that 009 index is activated.

    Configurations --> Resources --> Indexes

    Step 3: Add sequence to task

    Configurations --> Resources --> Metadata Configuration --> MARC21 Bibliographic --> Normalization Processes --> Marc21 Bib normalize on save --> Task List

    Add Task:

    Task Parameters:

    Sequence Name: add the name according to Step 1.

    Step 4: Additionally you should create a MARC21 Field 035 from 009. You will probably need it e.g. for matching records during import etc.
    To achieve this add a second task:

    Task Parameters:


    This task will then copy 009 to 035$$a with an ISIL-prefix (AT-OBV)

    Step 5: To ensure that an already existing control number can not to be duplicated, when a new record is created, add the following validation exception:

    Configurations --> Resources --> Metadata Configuration --> MARC21 Bibliographic --> Validation


     Task Parameter:



    Add the corresponding message in the Validation Exception Profile List:

    Configurations --> Resources --> Metadata Configuration --> MARC21 Bibliographic --> the Validation Exception Profile List

    At MarcXML Bib Metadata Editing On Save click "Edit"

    Click "Add Validation Severity Exception"

    Additional Information:

    As a result of all these steps you get a controlfield 009 AC... and a datafield 035$$a prefixed by ISIL-Code when saving a record in Metadata Editor.

    If you duplicate the record and try to save it the following message appears:

    Now Alma prohibits to save a second record with a preallocated 009.

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