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    Publish MARC records for digital inventory for the Australian National Bibliographic Database and Trove using the OAI-PMH daily update

    Created By: Peta Hopkins
    Created on: 10/02/2020

    Co-authored with Amelia Rowe from RMIT University

    Record considerations

    Consider the National Electronic Deposit standards (Australia) in preparing your records.

    Create a set in Alma

    1. To limit the set for digital resources select “Digital Titles” in the scope. However, if you plan to use a single set for publishing different inventory types, then you would need to choose “All Titles”.
    2. Optionally you may choose to use the Tag Sync National Catalog option - this will depend on your cataloguing processes, and if you want to emulate the same process used for the Libraries Australia Publishing Profile
    3. Choose Record Format = MARC21
    4. Consider using a naming convention for your sets as they can be hard to find if you have a lot at your institution.
    5. Make it a Public/Active set
    6. Consider adding a “DO NOT DELETE without consulting xxxx” message in the description to avoid disappointment.

    OAI integration

    If you already have this set up, you may only need to edit the IP range information to allow the NLA to harvest your records.

    1. Choose whether the OAI feed will be open to all or restricted by IP range. This setting applies to all sets published via the OAI.
    2. In Alma configuration > General > External systems > Integration profiles
    3. Add Integration profile > OAI definition
      • To restrict by IP range select Allowed IPs link in the Actions tab
      • If you wish to have the feed open to all leave the Allowed IPs code table blank.

    Create a publishing profile

    1. In Alma, Resources > Publishing Profiles > Add Profile (General Profile) 
    2. Naming (choose something meaningful for your institution that distinguishes it from other sets in Alma) eg. LA-marc-digital (in case you want to use LA-marc-physical & LA-marc-electronic as well) LA refers to Libraries Australia
    3. Select the set you created
    4. Output format = MARC21 Bibliographic
    5. Publish on Bibliographic level
    6. Select OAI publishing profile
    7. Consider a naming convention for your Set Spec and Set Name.
    8. The set name is published as a description in the feed, so you may wish to include your institution name in there.
    9. For data enrichment
    • In the digital inventory enrichment use the defaults with "Add Digital Representation Information" selected
    • In the collection enrichment use the defaults with "Add Collection Information" selected

    Option: In the Community Zone tab copy: Libraries Australia digital MARC profile and then update the details to suit your institution - Set Spec & Set Name in particular.

    Example of email from the NLA with results of the harvestManaging the process


    1. Try to ensure that your records are as complete and accurate as possible before they are included in the set.
      Current business rules for ANBD apply - after the bib record is created the control fields cannot be updated via the feed. You will have to request a manual intervention to have the protected fields updated.
    2. Try to avoid records being included in the set unless you are sure they are to be included.
      Current business rules for ANBD apply - when you remove holdings/publish suppressed as delete, the bib record will not be removed, only the availability/holdings. You will have to request a manual intervention to have the bib records removed completely.
    3. Do not choose the Republish/Rebuild entire index option in the profile without consultation with Trove Collaborative Services.
      This may create duplicate records. This option would be used to undertake a complete refresh.
    4. You may choose to subscribe to success/fail notifications from Alma when the publishing profile runs.
      This email includes the number of new and updated records. Set this up in the profile.

    Contact Trove Collaborative Services

    Talk with Trove Collaborative Services to commence publishing your records. Discuss timing of the publishing run in Alma and the harvest schedule for optimum timing.

    Specify an email address to for emailed reports when the harvest runs.
    This email includes the time of the harvest, the number of records and the number of records with errors.


    Withdrawing/Suppressing records

    This is probably uncommon for digital resources which are unique to your institution, but it may happen from time to time. If you suppress a record in the OAI-PMH output (AND suppressing it has not removed it from your set) you will see two changes:

    • ‘d’ is inserted in the LDR tag in position 05

    <record xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
    <leader>00758dam a2200241 4500</leader>
    <controlfield tag="005">20200613090548.0</controlfield>
    <controlfield tag="008">931112s1938 nyu 000 1 eng</controlfield>
    <controlfield tag="001">991540180000541</controlfield>
    <datafield tag="010" ind1=" " ind2=" ">

    • AVD tag is removed from the output


    • If a record is deleted (not suppressed) from your system it will flow through to the OAI as deleted status in the record header instead.
    • If a record is removed from your set it will flow through to the OAI output as deleted status in the record header. You could use Tag suppressed = No in your set to remove it from the set if it is deleted.


    <header status="deleted">
    <setSpec>Some Set</setSpec>


    Caveats: At time of writing Trove Collaborative Services use of OAI-PMH is in a pilot stage and as such you can expect that not all workflows and requirements have been fully tested. There is some ongoing discussion in relation to handling deletions and updates of records for unique digital resources in the ANBD/Trove.


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