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    Using Alma Work Order to Manage Search and ReAcquisition of Missing or Claimed Returned Items

    Created By: Laura Guy
    Created on: 4/16/2019

    At the Colorado School of Mines we require three searches of missing/claimed returned items before sending them to acquisitions for consideration to be replaced.

    We defined a new work order of “Search” with statuses of “First,” “Second,” “Third,” and “Reacquire” to track each search (exact status names are not significant). Having the searches grouped like this allows staff to track the searches in Alma. After a search, staff work from the “items in department” to select all items in each status and increment them as described and detailed in this Ex Libris Developer Network blog post:

    Note that this workflow was set up in the mid-1990's and while it worked well, there may now be better ways to do this type of workflow.

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