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Migration to Alma: Serial Prediction


Customers who are migrating from a non-Ex Libris ILS may wish to provide serial prediction information. This document describes the guidelines about what should be provided.
If complete serial prediction is being migrated, all of the following three items must be provided. You cannot, for example, provide only the predicted item and nothing else.
However, you may only provide the patterns in the MARC Holding record (853/854/855).  Providing these patterns will not result in serial prediction, but it can provide a basis for setting up prediction in Alma post-go-live.

Patterns in the MARC Holding Record(853/854/855)

Patterns should be delivered in the MARC holding record, in tags 853/854/855, as described in the MARC21 Format for Holdings data:  Multiple patterns can be included for the same holding record. Patterns can be active or inactive. 
Subfield $8 is used to link between the 853 and 853X, 854 and 854X, or 855 and 855X subfields when there is more than one pattern on a single holding record. When there is only one pattern on a holding record, the $8 subfield should be 0 (zero). 

Most Recently Received Item in MARC Holding (853X/854X/855X)

Generate a new tag, 853 first indicator X, 854X, or 855X in the same MARC holding record, which contains information about the last predicted item of the holding. While this is a lot like an 863, it is not exactly the same. Use the following guidelines:

$a - Enumeration first level (a)
$b - Enumeration second level (b)
$c - Enumeration third level (c)
$d - Enumeration fourth level (d)
$e - Enumeration fifth level (e)
$f - Enumeration sixth level (f)
$g - Alternative numbering scheme, first level of enumeration (g)
$h - Alternative numbering scheme, second level of enumeration (h)
$i - Chronology first level
$j - Chronology second level (j)
$k - Chronology third level (k)
$l - Chronology fourth level (l)
$3 - Issue date YYYYMMDD (3)
$8 - CopyID: If there are more than one occurrence of the 853/4/5 fields, a subfield 8 should be maintained in both the 853/4/5 and the 853/4/5X fields (occurrence counter in the 853/4/5 and a reference counter in the 853/4/5X).

Next Predicted Item (Item Record)

Customers should also submit item records that have not been received. There should be only one predicted (unreceived) item per pattern. In order for Alma migration to process these items, we need the following:

  • Some indication that the item is not yet received – this can be related to the expected arrival date, or it can be an empty received date
  • The expected arrival date
  • An indication of which type of pattern the item links to – an 853, 854, or 855
  • An indication that links the item to the related pattern (for example, the $8 value) when there are multiple patterns in the holding record and indicates to which pattern this item belongs.

Additionally, if there is an order associated with the expected issue, provide a link from the order to the item. 

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