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    Alma Letters - some can't be edited or viewed

    • Product: Alma


    We are trying to edit and print a sample of the letters enabled in our system. However, some letters can't open. Alma spins until we click "x" and exit this specific menu. 


    The Online Help (linked below) gives more context and confirms that these are technical letters. 

    This letter cannot be customized.

    Export User Letter
    Does not contain any fields.

    Invoice Payment Letter
    It is just used for "Submission" (meaning, just a technical letter)

    User Registration Letter
    Not in use.

    Process Creation
    This letter cannot be customized.

    The jobs use these letters as a technical "vehicle". At least for some of these jobs, without the letter enabled, they will fail. A good example is the "Analytics Letter", documented in this Knowledge Article.

    Additional Information

    Link to the Online Help regarding "Configuring Alma Letters".




    • Article last edited: 23-MAR-2024