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    Missing in Extract error for Alma Migration File Validation

    • Product: Alma




    After uploading Field Mapping Form and ILS data extract to the Legacy Validation Tool, tool returns the error "Missing in Extract." The non-Ex Libris to Alma Data Validation Tool can generate the false error "Missing in Extract."


    Verify the following:

    1. Field header is in data.

    If header is not present in the first row of your CSV file, then re-extract data from your ILS with the expected field in data.

    Review and edit CSV files only in Notepad++. Do not open them in Excel.

    2. Field header in data does not have leading or trailing spaces.


    If field header has leading or trailing spaces, then remove them using Notepad ++.


    3. Field header on Field Mapping Form matches the header *exactly*--same capitalization, spaces between words, punctuation.

    NotEqual (1).jpg

    If field header on Field Mapping Form does not match header in data exactly, then edit the header in Column B of the Field Mapping form.


    Revalidate the data extract after any edits.

    If you have verified all of the above and still see "Missing in Extract," then report the error to your Ex Libris migration consultant or implementation consultant.

    Additional Information

    These instructions are for customers migrating to Alma from AbsysNET, Generic, Koha, Libero, Polaris, Solars, Spydus, TLC, WMS/OCLC, using the Non-ExLibris_to_Alma_Data_Validation_Tool.xls

    See Migration Guides and Tutorials for more information.




    • Article last edited: 8-Jan-2020