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Alma Premium Sandbox Post-Refresh Procedure: Shrinking the Rota

  • Product: Alma Premium Sandbox



This is the recommended procedure post PSB refresh, to narrow-down the Rota and Resource-Sharing Partners in the premium sandbox.

Post-Refresh Resource Sharing Configuration Updates


Preparation Steps:

  1. Create a list of Premium Sandboxes environments in the network
  2. Network Zone and Institution Zone checks:
    • Verify that the person performing this process can connect (open support ticket as relevant), search, perform activities as expected.


Login to the NETWORK PSB premium environment and follow these steps:

  1. ​​​Locate Profiles (Configuration > Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Locate profile) - delete Locate Profiles for Institutions who are not in the PSB enviornment. Keep the profiles which were identified as Premium Sandbox, during the Post-Refresh Check above.













  • Edit the Locate Profiles. The server needs to reflect the PSB environment:
    • "Locate Profile Details" tab:Locate_PSB_1.png 
    • "Locate Profile Parameters" tab" should have the PSB URL:
    • Locate_PSB_2.png


  1. Partners (Fulfillment menu > Resource Sharing > Partners) - Note - DO NOT delete other partners, only review Premium Sandbox partnersPartners_PSB_1.png
  • Edit the Partners to ensure that the Server reflects PSB URL (do not change the customer code):Partners_PSB_4.png


  1. Rota Templates (Fulfillment menu > Resource Sharing > Rota templates) - edit the existing Rota and remove all Partners, except the Premium Sandbox partners:Rota_PSB.png


  1. Rota Assignment Rules (Fulfillment Configurations > Resource Sharing > Rota Assignment Rules) - Review, but do not change.


  1. Sending Borrowing Request Rules (Fulfillment Configurations > Resource Sharing > Sending Borrowing Request Rules)
    • Remove the list of partners from the rule and add only the Premium Sandbox partners: Sending_PSB.png


  1. Run the Resource Sharing Distribution Job:
    • Go to Admin > Manage Jobs and Sets > Monitor Jobs > Scheduled Jobs tab
    • Filter for "Fulfillment" and find the "Distribute central resource sharing configuration" Job
    • Choose "Run Now" from the Actions menu
      • Or, run "Distribute resource sharing network configuration" from the Fulfillment menu):Monitor_Jobs_-_Distribute_Central_RS_Config2.png
      • Review the Job Report, there should be numbers in it. If there is zero in the report - recheck the configuration.
        • Connect to the Institution Zones, to see that the configuration was updated.
          • If the Rota template, Partners or Locate Profiles were not updated by the distribution job, re-save the configuration on the NETWORK and run the distribution job again.
  1. Test:
    • Place a Borrowing Request in a single institution (from Alma or Primo) and walk through the end-to-end process of a Resource Sharing Request.
We hope you enjoy the new environment!


  • Article last edited: 04-DEC-2020