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Alma Premium Sandbox Post-Refresh Procedure: Shrinking the Rota

  • Product: Alma Premium Sandbox



This is the recommended procedure for narrowing the rota to specific resource-sharing partners in the premium sandbox.

Post-Refresh Checks

  1. Create a list of Premium Sandboxes environments in the network
  2. Network Zone Checks:
    • Verify that the person performing this process can connect as an internal user
    • Search repository, this is the Network environment
  3. Institution Zone Checks:
    • Verify that the person performing this process can connect as an internal user
    • Search IZ, NZ, and CZ

Post-Refresh Resource Sharing Configuration Updates

  1. Restore the NZ Configurations: Login to the NETWORK Premium Sandbox and perform the following:
    • Locate Profiles (Configuration > Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Locate profile)
      • Delete the existing Locate profiles and leave only the profiles that were identified as Premium Sandboxes during the Post-Refresh Check above: Locate_Profiles_List.png
        • Each one should look like this (with the relevant institution code): Locate_Profile_Details.pngLocate_Profile_Details-Profile_Parameters.png
        • **Note: The Locate by Fields checkbox at the bottom is expected to be turned on, with the following parameters checked: Title, ISBN/ISSN, and OCLC Number**
    • Partners (Fulfillment menu > Resource Sharing > Partners) - Note - DO NOT delete other partners, only review Premium Sandbox partners
      • Double-check the Premium Sandbox list to make sure these partners use the sandbox, and for each partner check the Parameters tab is prepared for the sandbox: Resource_Sharing_Partner_List.png
        • Each partner should look like this: Resource_Sharing_Partner_Parameters.png
        • Don't change the original symbol.
    • Rota Templates (Fulfillment menu > Resource Sharing > Rota templates)
      • Edit the Existing Rota and remove all the partners except the Premium Sandbox partners. Rota_Templates.pngRota_Template_Members_List.png
    • Troubleshooting Tip: At end of process (after distribute job runs): 
      • Make sure that the configuration was updated for the members.
      • If the Rota template wasn't updated by the distribution job, re-save the Rota template on the NETWORK and run the distribution job again.
        • Confirm that the Rota Template updated as expected.
    • Rota Assignment Rules (Fulfillment Configurations > Resource Sharing > Rota Assignment Rules) - Review, but do not change.
    • Sending Borrowing Request Rules (Fulfillment Configurations > Resource Sharing > Sending Borrowing Request Rules)
      • Remove the list of partners from the rule and add only the Premium Sandbox partners: Sending_Borrowing_Request_Rules.png
    • Run the Resource Sharing Distribution Job:
      • Go to Admin > Manage Jobs and Sets > Monitor Jobs > Scheduled Jobs tab
      • Filter for "Fulfillment" and find the "Distribute central resource sharing configuration" Job
      • Ensure the job is enabled and choose "Run Now" from the Actions menu:Monitor_Jobs_-_Distribute_Central_RS_Config2.png
    • Confirm the job ran in the History tab. 
      • Review the report, there should be numbers in it.
      • If there is zero in the report - something in the configuration needs to be reviewed.
  2. Test Resource Sharing
    • The result should set the sandbox configuration on all of the premium sandbox members. The report of the job will give an indication of what configuration was updated:
      • At end of process (after distribute job ran), make sure that the configuration was updated for the members.
        • As an example, if "Rota template" has not been updated in the IZ, go to Network, save, and distribute again. Screenshots were added above.
    • Go to each institution and make sure the changes are reflected:
      •  Is the distribution reflected? 
        • If not, inspect the above configuration, save, e.g. the Rota Template, and run the distribution job again.
    • Place a Borrowing Request in a single institution and walk through the end to end process of a Resource Sharing Request.


  • Article last edited: 10-Apr-2020