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    Alma Surveys


    Alma Surveys

    Have you ever noticed a small icon that often sits on the bottom right hand corner of the Alma Dashboard?


    If, when you logged in to Alma you didn't see this icon with this particular text, there’s a good reason why….

    These icons – that appear periodically on the Alma dashboard - are links to surveys on specific topics. The links are configured so that only staff with the relevant roles related to the survey topic will see the link. If you are, for example, a circulation librarian, you might have seen a recent link on Specialty Printers, but you wouldn't have seen the Community Zone Update Task List link.

    Why these surveys? Ex Libris is continually seeking ways and means to understand how our Alma users interact with Alma. Are you aware of a particular function? Do you find it useful? Do you have suggestions on how to improve the function?

    The output of these surveys are carefully reviewed and analyzed.  Based on the analysis, we are able to understand where we need to focus our attention – improve the usability of a function; add additional functionality or host a webinar on the topic.

    As you can see, these surveys are an important and informative way of getting your feedback on your interaction with the various areas of Alma. Take a few minutes to answer them – for everyone’s benefit.

    Have an idea for a future survey? Drop us a line with your ideas. We’ll be happy to review them, and they might be the topic of a future survey.



    • Article last edited: 07-Aug-2020
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