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    Analytics - meaning of "Requested" as a value in "Process type" field of Physical Item Details dimension in the Physical Items Subject Area

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Alma


    I wonder if you could explain what "Requested" means as a value in the "Process Type" field of the "Physical Item Details" Dimension of the Physical Items Subject Area?

    The online help documentation for the Physical Items Subject Area - Field Descriptions only says:
    "Process Type
    When the item is being processed (acquisition/loan/bindery/etc) this indicates the type of process..."

    In OBIEE the values displayed as filter-able option include:
    Claimed Returned
    Hold Shelf
    In Process
    In Transit to Remote Storage
    Requested <<
    Resource Sharing Request
    Technical - Migration

    We are a heavily request-driven library but if I try to put "requested" as a filter, however, OBIEE gives no results (no matching barcodes with the value 'Requested'). So we would like some clarification on what "requested" here really means and what it ought to do for filtering.


    An item can be set in “Requested” process when sending a request for it to ASRS (Currently relevant only for two customers).

    Also, it can be set in this process in the following case:

    see October 2014 Release Notes, p.31:

    The following enhancements have been made to the Fulfillment functional area in the October
    2014 release of Alma:
    - For item-level requests and title-level requests with only one item, Alma can be configured
    to mark the requested item as not available. The item being requested will be marked as
    Item not Available and will have a Process status of Requested. In such cases, if you release
    or cancel the request, the item’s Status becomes Item in Place. To enable this functionality,
    contact Ex Libris Support.