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    Are encumbrances fully released when an expenditure is generated from an invoice that is created 'From PO' in Alma?

    • Product: Alma


    When an invoice is created 'From PO' (as opposed to 'From file' or 'Manually'), all encumbrances are released for PO lines that are linked to the PO that was used for invoice creation.


    Note that the user has the choice to 'Release remaining encumbrance' when editing any invoice line. But, if the invoice is created from PO, leaving this box unchecked does not have an effect. The encumbrance is released because creating an invoice 'From PO' will release encumbrance for all PO lines that are linked to the PO that was used for invoice creation.


    If the user meant not to release remaining encumbrances, an encumbrance recalculation is needed.


    If an encumbrance recalculation is needed, please contact Support with the 'Submit a case' button for assistance. Please cite this article in your case description.


    If the invoice line price is changed to an amount that is lower than the PO line price then the encumbrance will not be fully released. In this case, it's advised to check the 'Release remaining encumbrance' box if it's desired to have the encumbrance be fully released.

    • Article last edited: 27-Jul-2021
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