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    BLDSS - 'Cannot send a request that was not located' error message

    • Product: Alma


    Why and I am receiving the 'Cannot send a request that was not located' message when sending a request to BLDSS ?


    The request may have failed connecting to the BLDSS server. Technical failure to run a locate is ignored by the system, so that it is considered a successful locate. However, because the BLDSS API mandates a record ID, and one has not been successfully obtained by the API, the send action failed.


    It is suggested to re-run a locate and re-attempt the send.

    The screenshots below show how to use the Monitor Jobs to get information about resource sharing locate actions (which are managed as background jobs)


    1. Use ‘Monitor Jobs’ to see the locate jobs


    picture 1.jpg


    1. See that some technical error has occured


    picture 2.jpg


    1. Notice the reported error

    picture 3.jpg



    If there are repeated failures connecting to the BLDSS server, ask Ex Libris Support to increase the API timeout.



    • Article last edited: 13-12-2016