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    BLDSS requests sent in "Copyright Fee Paid" (CFP) mode

    • Product: Alma


    We submit resource sharing requests to the British Library via the BLDSS API. All of the requests we submit to them should be Library Privilege (LP) copies but the British Library is charging us for Copyright Fee Paid (CFP) copies. We have contacted the British Library about this and they have informed us that Alma is specifying that we want a Copyright Fee Paid (CFP) copy each time we send them a request. Could you please advise on what we need to do so that the future requests we send to the British Library are requested as Library Privilege (LP) copies?


    The CFP status depends on the ‘Willing to Pay’ field in the request (which defaults to false). When ‘false’ the request to BLDSS is sent with <payCopyright>false</payCopyright>.




    • Article last edited: 13-Apr-2022
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