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    Barcode image not displayed in letters

    • Product: Alma


    In several letters there is a barcode image but for some reason it is not displayed in some of those letters.


    You might need to customize the letter: there will be .png image files referenced in the XSL. For the fix, you will just need to prefix each PNG with "cid:" (for example: "Barcode.png" will become "cid:Barcode.png").

    Here's what's happening:
    For all of the barcode information, it is sent in the e-mail as image attachments. Most e-mail clients will read the XSL of the letter and know to embed these images in the body of the email. But some clients do not (which can often include printers), and the barcodes stay as attachments. Adding the 'cid' prefix as described above "forces" the images into the body



    • Article last edited: 19-Mar-2021