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    Binary export file of MARC records is empty and gives an error on unzip

    • Product: Alma


    When exporting MARC records as a binary zip file, why is the folder empty? Attempting to unzip the file using the Windows "Extract All" button results in an error that "The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid."

    This error only applies to Windows users.

    Replication Steps:

    1. View the job report for an import profile
    2. Click the Row Actions for records to download, such as "Total records not imported/deleted"
    3. Click "Download sources (binary)"
    4. Double click on the downloaded zip file
    5. The Windows File Explorer says "This folder is empty"
    6. Right click on the downloaded zip file and click "Extract All..."
    7. Windows returns an error that "The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid"

    How can the MARC records be accessed?


    Use a different file extraction/unzipping program, such as 7-Zip.

    This error is caused when the .zip file includes special characters, for example an asterisk. The built-in Windows extraction tool is unable to process asterisks in the file name. Programs such as 7-Zip are able to successfully unzip the folder and extract files by replacing special characters with underscores.

    • Article last edited: 11-Nov-2019