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    Blank item Process Status at bottom of list

    • Product: Alma
    • Product Version: Feb 2018 Release



    When catalogers are updating item records created in Acquisitions, they need to change the Process type to blank. The blank space used to be at the top of the dropdown list, now (with the new UI) it's at the bottom. Because of the length of the list, they need to not only scroll down the list itself, but the whole window so that they can see it at the bottom of the screen. The "blank" option does not show up in the list of "most recently used" options at the top. 


    Development has confirmed that the blank field was moved from the top of the Process Status list to the bottom of the list in the new UI. This was done because a number of other customers indicated the blank field at the top was confusing and asked to have it moved to the bottom. 

    One option is to change the blank Process Status to say 'None'. When this status is selected it would act as a blank field and allow the user to enter the process status. 


    • Article last edited: 21-Feb-2018