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    Can’t make 041 first indicator mandatory using local Alma MARC profile extension.xml

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    I am unable to make 041 first indicator mandatory using local Alma MARC profile extension.xml
    I manually set the 041 first indicator to mandatory in the Metadata Configuration for BIBs but it isn’t giving a validation error.
    Is it possible to configure the 041’s first indicator to be mandatory and give a red validation error?

    E.g. xml added to the local MARC profile extension.xml:
    <data_field_configuration repeatable="false" mandatory="false" tag="041" xmlns="http://com/exlibris/repository/mdprofile/xmlbeans" xmlns:xsi="">
    <description>Language Code</description>
    <first_indicator_configuration repeatable="false" mandatory="true">
    <value code="0">Item is not a translation</value>
    <value code="1">Item is a translation</value>


    041 indicator 1 not showing validation error:
    Alma is not designed to allow removing MARC fields/subfields/indicators that are valid according to the LC configuration.
    So, while you can add indicators to the 041 indicator 1 field, it would not be possible to use the MARC profile extension.xml to remove the LC indicators.
    One of the options for the indicator is "# No information provided" under Configuration > Resources > Metadata configuration > MARC21 Bibliographic > 041 > First indicator.:


    This means that the configuration is treating not selecting an option as one of the valid options.
    So, if you leave it blank it will still treat it as fulfilling the validation condition.
    Because the option "# No information provided" is one of the valid LC configuration options, Alma will not flag a blank value as a validation error.

    There is no XML attribute to mark a field as invalid or obsolete.
    There is no way to remove an existing option in the MARC configuration to disable it, or tag it as invalid.

    Additional Information

    Editing MARC-Based Profiles with Extension Packs


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