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    Can't delete preferred last name / preferred first name

    • Product: Alma


    We try to delete the content of the field "Preferred Last Name" from a user record but whenever we open the record again, the field is back there. We are unable to remove the content of this field.


    The reason is the following system behaviour:

    If one preferred name field is entered but not the others, whatever value is in the main name fields are automatically populated in the other preferred name fields. So, for instance, if Preferred First Name is entered, the values of Middle Name and Last Name are filled into their corresponding preferred name field. (see documentation)

    If you want to delete the preferred last name, this is only possible if the preferred first name and the preferred middle name are empty; otherwise the content of the field Last Name will always be copied back to the field Preferred Last Name.

    If it happens although the Preferred First Name appears to be empty, check if there are spaces (blanks) in this field and remove them.


    • Article last edited: 23-Aug-2019
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