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    Can't save EDI information tab "EDI code for institution is mandatory"


    When trying to add EDI information to the vendor record EDI tab the record cannot be saved and the following error message is shown:

    "EDI code for institution is mandatory. Please add EDI code for institution to the list."


    It is needed to add an Institution level "Organization Unit":

    1. Edit the Vendor
    2. Click: "EDI Information" tab
    3. Fill in the EDI information as given by the vendor
    4. Find the node for "Per Organization Unit EDI" toward the middle of the page
    5. Click: "Add Organization Unit"
    6. Add a row for the Institution level
    7. As relevant, also add rows for any Library level information



    Additional Information

    Read here about "Configuring EDI for a Vendor". 


    • Article last edited: 08-MAY-2023