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    Can a PO Line disencumbrance be re-encumbered after an invoice is deleted?

    • Product: Alma



    There are some PO Lines that were invoiced at one time (such that the PO Line had an encumbrance, a disencumbrance, and an expenditure), but the invoice was subsequently deleted, removing the expenditure and leaving the disencumbrance.  Is it possible to remove the disencumbrance so the PO Line's fund is properly encumbered again?


    If a disencumbrance remains after deleting an invoice and removing the expenditure, the disencumbrance can be removed by updating the PO Line's invoice status, at which point the fund associated with the PO Line will be re-encumbered.

    To update the invoice status:

    1. Bring up the PO Line
    2. Go to the PO Line Details section
    3. Click on the Invoice status dropdown and select Partially Invoiced instead of Fully Invoiced
    4. Save the PO Line

    • Article last edited: 28-Aug-2017
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