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Change a PO Line Vendor

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Desired Outcome Goal: Change a PO line vendor


There are four methods of changing vendors for PO Lines:

  1. Change a vendor in a PO Line before it is packaged. Edit PO line and update vendor.
  2. Change a vendor in a PO Line when PO Line was already sent to a vendor. The button "Replace (only) vendor" appears near the Save button in the PO Line summary page.
  3. At the PO level through the "Change Vendor On Order" job. Run this job from Alma menu > Acquisitions > Advanced Tools > Change Vendor On Order.
    CAUTION: Not specifying the PO number in this menu will cause all POs to switch from source to target vendor!
  4. Perform a global change by running the "Update PO Line Information" on a set of PO Lines. Run the job from Alma Admin menu > Run a Job > Update PO Line Information.

Additional Information

For more information see documentation in the Knowledge Center about Changing Vendors in PO Lines and POs

  • Product: Alma
  • Article last edited: 24-Mar-2020